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Seven-week Discipleship Course

The Core of the Gospel

For church groups in Europe


An online course in Farsi for church groups and individuals in Europe

The Core of the Gospel course is an eight-week online course, focusing on the basic themes of the Gospel including God's purpose in creation, the reality of sin, the effects of the atonement and the new life received in Christ. It calls people to respond to God's gift of salvation through repentance and faith and to live as disciples of Christ. 

Are you a leader looking to take a group through this course? 

We run this course in close partnership with the local church, so the involvement of local leaders is essential. We are providing extra training sessions for leaders and will be available throughout the course for questions, conversation and prayer. 

Are you an individual wanting to join this course? 

You are welcome to sign up alone, or you could ask some friends to sign up with you. We will arrange for you to be in a group, so you have the benefit of learning, conversation and prayer with others. 

This Course Includes

Important dates

The seven-week Core of the Gospel course starts on Thursday, 16th May, at 18:30 CET and finishes on the 27th of June.

Group leaders attend extra training on the 27th of April, 18:30-20:30 CET

The deadline to sign up is on the 25th of April.


The course language in Farsi with simultaneous interpretation to English and German. This course is for Iranian and Afghan Christians located in Europe. It is ideal for local church groups. Individual students are also welcome to join and will be placed in groups led by trained Elam volunteers.


We will meet on Zoom and stay in touch during the course via email and Telegram.

Local group leaders

If you would like to learn more about taking your group through this course, please join us for an informal information meeting on Tuesday, 4th of April, at 20:00 CET - The meeting will be in English, with interpretation as necessary. 

Use the link below to sign up for this group leader introduction evening



If you are signing up as a church group, we will connect with you on your signup email and coordinate with you going forward. If you are taking a group to the course, please attend our information meeting - see above.

If you are signing up as an individual, we will provide a group with a group leader for you. In the first sessions the individual group participants will spend some time getting to know each other.

More detailed information will be provided after registration.

Signup deadline: 25th of April

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