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Online Discipleship Course

The Seven Signs

The miracle stories recorded in the Gospel of John.


Walking through the miracles:

This root-level course is built over the seven miraculous signs of Jesus in the gospel of John. It shows how the signs recorded by John reveal different aspects of the divine identity of Christ. Furthermore, the participants will understand what these revelations mean for our practical lives of faith as disciples of Jesus today.

This Course includes

9th February
18:30 CET

Hosted online and in Farsi 

with simultaneous interpretation to English and German

This eight session course is ideal for church groups where the local leaders can lead the breakout group activities and designed for this course is ideal for new Iranian or Afghan believers in Christ.

Individual students are also welcome to sign up.

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If you are interested in leading a group of Iranians and Afghans from your church through the eight sessions of this training, you are invited to join an introductory meeting about the course on January 5th or 17th from 18.30-19.30 CET. To get the Zoom link for one of these intro meetings, please send an email to 
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