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Leaves Level – Equipping Leaders

  • Leadership: ongoing monthly webinars about Christian leadership. 2 days/3 hours each.

  • Ministry skills: ongoing monthly webinars about specific tools and skills for ministry. 2 days/3 hours each.

  • Cultural understanding: ongoing teaching on the Western church and cultural differences in general.

  • Three-month course: a formative leadership course based on 5 C’s: Christ, Community, Character, Calling and Competency. Full-time study for three months. Offered as online, residential or combined program.


Branch Level – Mobilizing Disciple-Makers

  • Hamsafar Intro: This course presents our hamsafar program and the principles of doing one-to-one discipleship. 2 days of 3 hours.

  • The Story of the Bible: a brief exposition of the narrative of the Bible. 8 days of 3 hours.

  • The Unfinished Story: explains the mission of God in Scripture and the call to missions today. 4 days of 2 hours.

  • Serving Christ: a week-long course about the call to serve Christ and how we may fulfil it. 7 days residential.


Root Level – Raising Followers

  • Encountering Jesus: course explaining who Jesus is and how to follow him. 8 days of 3 hours online.

  • The 7 Signs: based on John's Gospel it presents the person of Jesus and what His identity means for our faith. 8 days of 3 hours online.

  • The "I am" course: based on John's Gospel it presents the ministry of Jesus and what it means for our identity. 8 days of 3 hours online.

  • Following Christ – a week-long course presenting the Gospel and the way it transforms our lives. 7 days residential.

Participants are required to complete the root level courses before they can join the next two levels. The third level is conducted in close relationship with local churches. The participants need admission into the core group network and to be actively involved in ministry in their local church.​​

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