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Online Discipleship Course

The Heart of the Gospel

For church groups in Europe

Why this course?

From childhood, Iranians and Afghans have heard the tales of Mohammad and the 12 Imams. They have been taught submission to the laws of Allah and become deeply afraid of breaking them. But deep in their hearts they long for a different story.

This course travels through the salvation story of the Bible – from creation to the final restoration – with Jesus and the cross at the centre.

We dive into God’s loving plan to transform the world: calling us to be disciples of Christ, to share in community with His people, and spread the Good News of eternal life in Him.


Introduction meeting for leaders

If you are interested in taking a group of Iranians and Afghans through the Heart of the Gospel course, we invite you to an introductory meeting to learn more about the course and ask any questions you may have.

  • Date: Thursday 18th or Tuesday 23rd April, 19:00-20:00 CEST (6 PM UK time)

  • Location: Online, on Zoom.

  • Language: English/Farsi and other language by arrangement


Use the button below to let us know which date you prefer to attend and we will send the relevant link to you.


Dates and practical info

  • Course dates: Every Thursday from 18:30-21:00 (CEST) for 7 weeks from 16th May to 27th June, 2024.
  • Platform: The teaching sessions are conducted on Zoom and we stay in touch during the course via email and Telegram.
  • Languages: The course language is Farsi with simultaneous interpretation into English on a separate audio channel in Zoom. Translation to other languages available by arrangement.
  • Group leader session: On Wednesday 8th May, 19:00 CEST we will host a mandatory training session for everyone who will be facilitating the group work and discussion in their local group.
If you have any further questions please email us on

Our cross-cultural team is also ready to connect with you in person to learn about your ministry and present ways in which we may be able to assist.


5 elements of a course evening

  • Kick off gathering:

Every week begins with a 20-minute “kick-off” gathering for the local leaders and the Elam team, before the course participants join.

  • Interactive break-out groups:

The group interaction will be led by the local leaders. Discussion points and exercises will be sent to you weekly. 

  • Teaching session:

All the lessons will be taught in Farsi by team-members or guest speakers.  

  • Live worship and prayer:

The worship and prayer times will be led by experienced Persian leaders. Song lyrics in Farsi and Latin letters will be shown on Power-point.

  • Homework:

Participants will be encouraged to do reading assignments and practical exercises between the course sessions to apply what they have learned. 

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