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Elam in Europe

Assisting local churches in developing fruitful ministry to Iranians and Afghans

Iranians and Afghans are responding to the gospel in churches all over Europe.

But cross-cultural ministry is not easy. Many churches have engaged with great enthusiasm but ended up feeling disappointed or discouraged because of problems caused by the cultural barrier.

This is where the Elam team can help. We are committed to coming alongside the local church to help overcome the cultural barrier. Our ministry aims to address three key ministry needs:

Raising disciples

Mobilising disciple-makers

Equipping emerging leaders

Contact us today to set up a conversation. Our cross-cultural team is looking forward to connecting with you in English, Farsi, German and several other languages. We would love to learn more about your local ministry.

We regularly send out invitations to our online and in-person courses. Please sign up to receive our emails - available in English, German and Farsi.

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