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Training & Resources
for Iranians & Afghans in Europe

Elam in Europe assists churches in serving Persian (Farsi/Dari) speakers in their local congregations and cities.

Afghans and Iranians are coming to Christ and joining local churches all over Europe. Our aim is to assist these churches in ministering to Afghans and Iranians. We form partnerships with local leaders to join forces in serving and training the Persian speakers in their congregations.


Our trainings are conducted on three levels to provide growth in living fruitful lives for Christ:

1. The root level: Raising followers

2. The branch level: Mobilizing disciple-makers

3. The leaves level: Equipping leaders


Each training we offer consists of live online classes, digital small groups and personal self-study.  Based on Scripture, the sessions are both instructive, practical, interactive and led by experienced teachers and mentors from our Persian-speaking team, together with leaders from the local churches.


If you are interested in a further conversation about how we may assist your church or ministry, please feel free to contact


​If you are already partnering with us, please consider making a donation to Elam to help us strengthen and expand the church in the Iran region and beyond. Thank you.

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